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Business Winning Operations

Business Development Organization

  • Suggest organization designs and hiring strategies to optimize your international strategy

  • Assist creating job specs and identify potential candidates


  • Full range of capability from running a capture, creating a capture plan to advising on capture process, team organization and motivation


  • Assist in organizing, structuring, managing and review of proposals

Customer Ambassador - Trusted Adviser

  • Working with an associate and based on a successful, established program, provide a day long workshop to teach employees the tools and techniques required  to become Customer Ambassadors and create meaningful trusted relationships. The course is a strong aid to business development but also applicable to internal business areas who need to collaborate and provide services to each other.   

Business Winning Operations - the Business Winning Engine Room

  • Advise on a staged business winning qualification process

  • Advise on policies, procedures and training required for an effective BD organization

  • Assist in the design of policies, process and training

Trade Show Planning and Support

  • Identify trade shows that align with your product and market strategies

  • Provide advice on how to present your products/service at trade shows

  • Attend trade shows on your behalf if required

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